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  • Originally posted by drifterex View Post
    Fucking KFC will be losing our second Tuesday of the month trade very soon. If there was any where else open at that time. We need to tag their windows with more eircooled stickers, show em we mean business.
    I think we just need to come with our own mugs.
    As weather gets nicer it might be worth having a small convoy through town and grab coffee elsewhere.


    • good idea on the convoy but where's open on a Tuesday night? KFC and McDonalds really and McDonalds has some neighbours that I wouldn't like to leave my van near for any length of time.
      we went to the M9 motorway services at Paulstown a couple of times a while back and it was a good spot but it's further again for the Waterford and crew to travel. Also, it's not just coffee, some of our attendees get their dinner that day in KFC. So any alternative venue would have to serve food too I think.

      I'd be open to a change if we need it. I have no allegiance to KFC and coffee is coffee to me, I don't care where I get it. It would be nice to incorporate a short spin in the summer months, no more than half an hour though I think. But we need to find a venue with parking space available, food available, easy to get to, no further afield than a couple of miles of where we meet at the moment. But all I can think of at the moment are KFC, McDonalds and Paulstown Services. Anyone else got any ideas?
      There are two types of people in this world: Those who can extrapolate from incomplete data.


      • Iím actually happy with KFC as itís a handy venue for most to get to, guaranteed parking right outside where we can keep an eye on the car and as Trev said thereís not much else open for coffee AND food on a Tuesday night. Iíll pack a few more mugs and coffee in the van in case theyíre ever out of coffee AGAIN!