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  • Barretstown 2019 Dates

    I got the below email from Barretstown yesterday with the summer dates that are available for Eircooled. All the dates are quite well spaced out which is good so if the same people are doing all the dates there's a good break between them.
    The only issue I can see is the August 15th Party Night is on a Thursday which probably won't suit most people. Before I go back to Barretstown to advise on the dates are there any issues people can see with the dates? Please reply and let me know and once we have agreed dates I will post up an individual thread for each date.

    Hi Cathal,

    I hope you are well!

    We have the following dates available for our party nights this summer which we would love to invite you guys down for. You can select however many of the following that you wish to come for it will be wonderful to have you guys back at camp again!
    • Summer Session 2: Saturday 29th June
    • Summer Session 3: Friday 12th July
    • Summer Session 5: Saturday 3rd Aug
    • Summer Session 6: Thursday 15th Aug

    Thank you,


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    I can't see any problem this far out.
    There are two types of people in this world: Those who can extrapolate from incomplete data.


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      I can only do Saturday 3rd August out of them but looking forward to it


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        All look good to me