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  • Murphy Family Memorial Run

    In our research for the book Trev and myself have met some great people. One of those people is Florence Murphy who you will see driving their 1979 Karmann Beetle Cabriolet that both she and Johnny bought in Germany and drove home. It's a beautiful Beetle and so original.
    Anyone in the Cork area will probably have heard of Florence's late husband Johnny Murphy because the man was a wizard when it came to aircooled VWs. You've often heard about the mechanic that could diagnose a problem by listening to an aircooled motor, well, Johnny WAS that mechanic! Everyone we ask about him has nothing but nice things to say about Johnny and we would love to have met him and learned form his years of experience as a VW trained mechanic and then from his time running his own business, Roskeen Motors.
    Florence herself was one of the people involved in setting up the Duhallow Vintage Club and was very much involved for many years.

    Sadly Johnny died of cancer but if that wasn't enough of a loss for Florence, she also lost both her sons in very tragic circumstances. Since then the Duhallow Club have done a run in memory of the Murphy Family and it is on again this Sunday, August 11th.

    The meeting point for the Murphy Family Memorial Run is Freemount, Co. Cork and the start time for the 60 mile run is 12 noon

    The route will be starting in Freemount and onto Kanturk, Banteer, Naad, Creans Cross, Coachford, Farnanes, Lissarda, Kilmurray (where there is a stop planned at the Independence Musuem), Macroom and Ballyvourney with dinner in The Abbey Hotel.

    The cost to be part of this run is a very reasonable Ä20

    Over the last number of years the numbers of VWs attending has fallen which is a shame as it is now dominated now by Fords and other marques so for this year let's turn that around and show the Murphy family our support by getting our VWs along to Freemount on Sunday.

    We hope to see you all there
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    12:00 PM

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    This is Florence's beautiful Karmann Beetle Convertible at Eirespares 2019.......
    Click image for larger version

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      approx what time will thw convoy reach the abbey hotel ???


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        I donít know Tony but Iíd imagine 2-3pm. Iíll ask Florence and come back to you.


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          Hi Tony. I've had word back that arrival to the hotel should be 3:30/4pm.


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            Don't forget folks, the run is this Sunday so get your VeeDubs ready for a spin

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              The weather excellent yesterday with lots of summer sunshine for the entirety of the run. Well done to all involved in organising it. It was a lovely tribute to a fabulous family who were unfairly hit by tragedy three times. Florence's excitement, enthusiasm and sense of humour is contagious and that's what makes this memorial run what it is. The route was lovely and brought me through places where I've never been..............and I still don't know where I was
              Congrats also to John & Sally Filby for winning the Murphy Family Memorial Cup. There were 5 Beetles and a selection of really nice classic Cortinas, a stunning Merc a Manta and many more. A really enjoyable day that I'll be adding to my list for 2020.

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                Hey Cathal, Kilmurry is about 10 minutes from my place but the Crookstown Vintage Show was on yesterday about 3 minutes from Kilmurry so I was stuck there for the afternoon. Glad you had a good run. Hopefully you had a look in the museum. they have some amazing stuff from the early days of the IRA.


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                  I saw some pics from Crookstown and it looked like a brilliant turnout. Charles went in his Beetle from Kilmurry to Crookstown.




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                    The museum was really interesting with some unbelievable artifacts.
                    Click image for larger version

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                      I thought this was a really haunting photo.
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