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Barretstown 2020 - Update

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  • Barretstown 2020 - Update

    I received this email from Barretstown which was expected due yo everything that is happening at the moment. Here's to 2021 when we can show Barretstown our support in even greater numbers.

    Hi Cathal,
    I am writing to you with some sad but probably unsurprising news. Unfortunately, Barretstown has made the decision to cancel the summer camp programme for 2020. I appreciate at this time normally we would be writing to you to potentially arrange a visit to one our summer programmes. This year we will be unable to do so, and it will be sad to not welcome you and our campers through the gates throughout the summer months. This is obviously a disappointing decision, but one taken with our campers, volunteers, staff, and you our special guests best interest at heart. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support. Throughout the years the campers have loved the visits you have made to camp, and we hope we can continue these in future years.
    We hope you and the rest of the club are keeping well and wish you all the very best during this time.
    Kind Regards,
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    i would hazard a guess at this stage there will be a lot more events cancelled the good thing is you know all the repair work that has been put on the long finger can be done now long summer ahead
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      Click image for larger version  Name:	VW Mags.jpg Views:	1 Size:	902.8 KB ID:	393973

      Hi all - I'm putting this here and also in the Trading Post section. While clearing stuff out of the loft at the weekend (a long overdue quarantine job!) I found a pile of Volksworld magazines. These are:
      2010 - Summer, October and December
      2011 - Jan, Feb, April, July, August, Summer, Sept and December
      2012 - March, June, July, Summer and October
      2013 - January to December (NO February)
      2014 - January to December (NO November)
      2015 - January to August and December
      2016 - February and May

      Also a June 2012 UltraVW and a Performance VW from December 2009 as well as a 2012 "Best of VolksWorld Show" DVD.

      Would anyone have an interest in these? They are in good condition, but certainly not perfect (they were bought to be read, and were well read!) On some copies the cover has come off, but all are, as far as I know, complete (no missing pages). I thought that, seeing as Barretstown has been cancelled this year, if someone makes a donation to Barretstown then they are all yours.

      I'm based in the middle of the country (near Athlone) - you are welcome to come collect if close enough, or perhaps an Eircooled Express could be arranged? If someone is interested they can also be posted (at buyers expense) - but there is quite a bit of weight in them.

      You can let me know what you think, and if this is not the right place to post this feel free to remove.

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        Brilliant gesture and idea. Iím sure someone looking to start or complete their aircooled VW magazine collection will step up.