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    I'm looking for something air-cooled pre 80 , I would swap this defender it's a 68 chassis with a defender body, turbo diesel , 6 seater , in everyday use , I'll pm more pics and details upon request, I have it 2 years and fancy a change, I value it at 6k , cash with it if needed, no projects , no water cooled thanks,

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    Does it need any work or welding done to it?


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      not really, it has one rust patch on body in engine bay about 4 inch square , and bottom of doors have rust holes. not bad . otherwise its solid , could do with new door seals as they leak in heavy rain, i had the body removed and all welding done when i bought it, chassis was sealed and body put back turbo , rebuilt diesel pump.starter motor, new screen and seal, new seals to valve stems etc etc., i use it all the time just fancy a change,


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        sorry im not interested in a t 25 , to be honest i didn't know they made them pre '80 , you live and learn, i;m after a type 3 /bay / bug / ghia or splitty thanks.