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1956 RHD Oval Project

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  • [For Sale: Car] 1956 RHD Oval Project

    1956 RHD Oval project for sale.

    I've owned this car for 12 years. I imported it from the UK in 2007. It is a project, not a runner and requires a full restoration. It was previously restored and built as a rally car sometime in the 90s, and consequently the condition of the body shell is as you would expect from a 90s restoration that has been ragged around a forest for a few years. It was turned into a cal looker in the mid 2000s, which is what it was when I bought it. As a rally car it competed in classic rallying events throughout the UK and Europe including the classic Monte Carlo rally.

    It has been dry stored for the entire time I have had it in Ireland. Current condition is that it has been dismantled for restoration. Body and chassis have been split. Old floor pans have been removed and chassis has been professionally straightened on a frame table. Body needs repair in all the usual places. It needs a front clip, front & rear quarter repairs, fire wall repairs, heater channels, door posts, package tray repairs, rear bumper hangers, and rear valance. I have sourced OG VW steel from California for almost all of these areas, which is included (see below). Next step for the shell is media blasting.

    I have a ton of parts for this car which I was gathering over the years. I can't remember them all, but I've tried to list them below. Needless to say, anything that came with the car, or I have bought for the car will be included. The only major things it doesn't have are an engine and brakes.

    1956 RHD Oval shell & chassis
    All glass including new west coast metric rubbers and trim
    2x doors complete, along with a pair of new door handles
    2x pairs of headlights (1 original hella set with oval lenses)
    Four new day mouldings fibreglass oval wings (bought before good steel oval repros were available. These are exact copies of oval wings and fit is spot on)
    2x repro steel front wings
    Oval front bonnet (repro I think, came with the car. Has crack in the usual spot near the hinge)
    Oval rear deck lid
    Rust free CA oval front clip (from apron back to middle of fuel tank approx)
    Rust free CA front clip cut from a 59, from front of fuel tank to dash and includes fire wall, door posts, LHD dash, front of heater channels, etc.
    Rust free CA heater channels from an early 60s car I think, includes rear quarter section
    Rust free CA rear quarters, from b-post back to bumper hangers and gutter down to heater channel
    Oval fuel tank
    Heavy duty red floor pans (not oval)
    Running boards
    Rear bumper, and a couple of sets of T-bars
    2x stock width adjustable front beams, with leaf springs and 1 set of trailing arms and spindles
    Close ratio gearbox (from Autocavan), axles, tubes, spring plates, etc.
    Bolt-in roll cage
    New steering arms and track rod ends
    Pair of bucket seats
    Set of harnesses
    Motolita wood rim steering wheel
    Oval gear shifter
    Oval pedals complete
    5x original Porsche 356 steels (Lemmerz, I think) 2x 4" and 3x 5"
    2x 4" Mangels 356 steels
    Custom wiring harness built for rallying, custom fuse board, relay board, in-built redundancy (twin switchable fuel pumps), etc.
    2x oval speedometers (1x mph, 1xkm/h), rev counter, oil pressure gauge, volts, amps, etc.

    There's probably more that I've forgotten. I had planned to rebuild this as a vintage rally car/racer as it was built in the 90s and featured in Volksworld. But life gets in the way. I don't want this sitting gathering dust in a shed any longer. Be under no illusions, it is a project. But hopefully someone else can do it justice. Car is registered in Ireland, 56-D-XX.

    Asking Eur 5000.

    This is the "build" thread:

    This is a google drive folder of photos as it stands:
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    Price dropped. Open to offers, or part ex for something interesting.


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      Final price drop to Eur 5k. For Black Friday. Open to part exchange.


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        Originally posted by Kevin O'Brien View Post
        Final price drop to Eur 5k. For Black Friday. Open to part exchange.

        Swap you the Airbus


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          Originally posted by wackerwacker View Post

          Swap you the Airbus
          Cheers for the offer. Very cool bus but not really what I'm looking for at the moment.


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            Ideally looking for a cash sale. But if anyone has a 924/944/Boxster to swap/part ex I'd consider it.

            I don't ask for much do I...!


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              Hey Kevin, did you ever sell the oval? Thanks


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                Originally posted by NiallM View Post
                Hey Kevin, did you ever sell the oval? Thanks
                PM'd you there Niall


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                  Hi Kevin. Pm sent . Thanks


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                    Open to reasonable offers on this. Very motivated to sell at the minute. Try me.


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                      pm sent