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  • [For Sale: Parts] 73 beetle bits and pieces

    I have alot of parts from a couple of '73 beetles. They have been in a container but i need to free up some space so i can squeeze the plastic porsche in while i knock my garage and build a bigger house. who said 3 kids was a good idea!
    anyways some stuff to start, make a reasonable offer (assuming i dont have to put a price on everything?)

    set of 4 8 spoke allow wheels with 20 year old good year rubber - 100 - reserved
    set of front and rear wings - some rust, a couple of dents, pictures should tell the story - sold
    2 set of glass, i didnt go through every piece but certainly one set is shamrock, and likely both - 120 a set
    73 dash, radio cut out and an alarm led on the top right, but no cracks and nice condition - 15
    2 bumbers, not in great nick, a little buckled - sold
    2 original seats, probably need to be recovered -20 the pair
    2 bucket seats, unknown brand, tip forward, forward/back slide - 40 the pair - reserved
    73 rear deck lid, pretty good condition, one small piece of rust at very bottom lip under latch button - 20
    73 heater channels x 2, bought from Otto back in the day - heavy so possibly german? - sold
    I also have a 944 IRS sub assembly, the piece that holds the swing arms (no swing arms, they are in the plastic porsche), and an IRS rear end, both have been out side for some time and free to a good home, might be useful to someone doing an IRS upgrade. - free to a good home

    I am based in Meath, north of Ratoath.

    sorry, i dont have the pictures on computer to upload.. all pics here -
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    I'd be interested in the heater channels. I'll have a look at your photos and see what some of the other parts are like.


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      Hello, where are you based?


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        The 4 wings I'd possibly be interested in, if they are not too rusty round the mounting points/edges etc - any idea on a price?


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          sorry, i have been poor at responding

          based in Meath

          updated the first post with prices and a few items gone.

          in progress 356 coupe replica, 1960 triumph TRW, 1954 Matchless G80S, 02' Golf GTI TDI 150, Audi A4


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            Anything left