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NOS Hella Tombstone rear light lenses

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  • [For Sale: Parts] NOS Hella Tombstone rear light lenses

    I only have a few sets of these NOS genuine Hella Tombstone rear light lenses.........and when they're gone they're definitely gone

    They've been on a shelf in a garage for years and have not been taken out of their boxes until now. They are in perfect condition and will really make a huge difference to the look of your Beetle.

    Perfect for anyone restoring a Beetle or even if you simply want to freshen up your tired and faded lenses.

    These lenses are clean, bright and being Hella they're a perfect fit, unlike the awful copies on the market.

    I'm asking just Ä50 per set plus postage or we can do an Eircooled Express.
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    Not sure why this post isn't displaying in the Trading Post... Making it 'sticky' is the only way I've found so far to make visible.
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      Well if you've no idea the rest of us have fupp all hope of figuring it out


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        Responses aren't showing out there either.

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          It's a skill Justin. I'm just that talented


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            Are these still available?


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              Hi. I donít think there are any left but Iíll check in the garage when Iím next out there.