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68 Beetle 1500 model. Original paint survivor. Price: 10,000

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  • 68 Beetle 1500 model. Original paint survivor. Price: 10,000

    Just up on the Only a ferry trip away in Wales. Thought it might be of interest to someone with some cash to burn.

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    That's beautiful. Cars like that are getting so hard to find nowadays.


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      Local guy here had a similar condition white 70 1500 when I was dailying mine in early 2000s, had around 35k on it, he used it regularly but kept it well cleaned and waxoyled He replaced the rear wing with a genuine one as there was the tiniest bit of rust starting on the bottom edge. A young girl was bought it as an 18th birthday present or the like, within a year or two rust starting to show at door bottoms, next thing was parked up with a cover over it. Often wondered what happened to it, just checked the reg, it's off the road and had an owner/log book change in 2015. Total sin, the wee car should have been preserved.
      That red one is a peach, 10k might seem dear but an unrestored car is hard to find and have a coolness that can't be recreated!