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vw baywindow repair panels wanted

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  • vw baywindow repair panels wanted

    Hey all,

    Looking for a few repair panels and parts for my 1976 baywindow.

    not sure on the actual names so bear with me:

    roof gutters all round
    drivers side post near the top of the door
    o/s and n/s rear section under light
    rear boot
    camping interior

    Thanks everyone, keep safe!

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    I'm sure most panels are on that site too
    Are the sections gone under lights on the front or back?
    You can get rear corners to half way up the light.
    If both sides are gone on the front it probably means under your windscreen seal is gone too. Might be worth buying a full front panel.

    Is "rear boot" the tailgate or the engine hatch?
    The rear hatches are major money if you're looking for a decent one second hand. They used to make repros but weren't great.
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      Thanks very much Rez