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    Hello all

    I would like to buy my first classic VW beetle - I stumbled across this forum while trying to research the best way to go about buying with confidence and it certainly seems you all know far more than I do - so I'm hoping someone here can point me in the direction of a reputable seller or offer any advice really. The intention is to use for second car - short school run, etc. - I always wanted a beetle and for the first time ever I can choose a car that I love rather than just for practical purposes. All help / advice greatly appreciated.


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    What part of the country are you in? Maybe someone local to you could help you out by looking over any potential purchase for you.


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      I'm based in Dublin :-) thanks


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        if there's one thing I wish I knew about beetles before I got into beetles is how they love to rust! And how laborious the repair can be. Costly too, if you're paying someone to do it.

        So, my advice to you would be not to buy the first one you see, go look at a few so you start to know what you're looking at. Bring someone along who knows where to look for the rust trouble spots and importantly, who knows how to spot a bodged repair. You're better off spending more on a good, honest, rust free beetle than buying a cheap one and spending on repairs. Or worse: spending a fortune on a tarted up heap of junk out of naivety. And don't buy a Wizard roadster or a home-made convertible. You'll be sorely disappointed when the rain is pouring in on top of you.

        if you spot something for sale that you'd like an opinion on, let us know and like Barry said, if it's in our area most of us would be willing to go take a closer look for or with you.
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          Originally posted by EmmaVic View Post
          I'm based in Dublin :-) thanks
          I'm not far away and I'd be happy to help if required. Like trev says buy the best you can afford, don't be afraid of lhd either as there are far greater numbers of lhd bugs available than rhd. If you shop clever you can get a rust free original bug for very small money.

          My 1970 is all original and never been rusted or repaired, a beetle like this offers best value for money and they will outlive most restored bugs due to the better build quality and metal.

          Mine cost me €4200 including shipping from San Francisco.


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            Thank you for the replies. Yes, I’ve seen all the warnings about rust and rebuilds which is why I thought asking here would be a good starting pointing, and you’ve all proved me right! So, thank you.

            baz76 that car is beautiful and I can’t believe the costs involved! Very reasonable compared to what I am looking at in the UK.

            I’m not adverse to lhd but I’ve only driven lhd in Europe, but I guess you just get used to it?

            I have a max budget of €10k and ideally would like to have the car before September when we are supposed to be back to school.

            There are a couple on done deal that I saw, let me know if either of these are known to you or worth a look?




            Ive also reached out to Emilios beetles but it seems they are “built to order” whatever that means

            Anyway, thanks so much again for you time and advice!



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              3 very different beetles there, the first one is a1303 with curved windscreen and macpherson strut front suspension. It's been restored and mildly customised. Price wise it would want to be in perfect condition needing nothing doing and a good quality restoration. Thread carefully.

              The second one looks like a cracking car, it's a 1302 model so flat windscreen and macpherson strut front suspension. It appears all original and correct with low mileage and some service history. Price wise isn't too far off if its genuinely as good as it looks.

              The third one is an older beetle with the standard beetle suspension. More desirable to hardcore vw heads but they don't drive as nice as the macpherson strut models.

              Of those 3 the 1302 stands out as a car worth further investigation. However a similar condition car could be had for half the money if you widen your search field and are happy to make an adventure out of getting your new vw home.

              So many options available that I wouldn't see the need for nor recommend the services of that dealer to assist you in any way.

              Couple of good examples of beetles available further afield.



              Finally the daddy of them all,

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                The red 1302 was Ben Byrne's old Beetle. It was a low mileage, all original paint Beetle when he had it and it still looks great. It has a steel sliding sunroof which is a lovely bonus. The ad says it has a 1300cc engine but it was a 1600cc engine originally.




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                  beware buying any foreign registered car in Ireland. Such as the black & white 1303 above. You'll have a pig of a time getting it registered here as you didn't actually import it and you can't prove how long it's been in the country. Granted, the VRT is only €200 which would make you wonder why the seller did't just spend the cash to make the sale easier.

                  and I have yet to see a UK import 1303 that wasn't a tarted up heap of junk or in need of some serious restoration. Personally, I wouldn't consider that one in my search.

                  re the 63 model above, while they have the olde worlde charm of the 6V Beetles, a '70s Beetle will be easier to live with, easier to get parts for etc. If you're new to Beetles and want the easiest life possible, go for a '70s model.

                  The 1302 looks promising, with a known history amongst enthusiasts over here. The price seems strong, I'd imagine the dealer is taking a nice cut on it. If it was circa €8,000 - 9,000 it'd be a fantastic deal. Mind you, maybe values are just heading that way.

                  Barry is obviously onto something there, buying abroad. His green Beetle looks like unreal value. The only problem is, obviously, you're sending a big chunk of cash away into the ether and hoping the seller is honourable and you're not going to get scammed. There are a world of dodgy ads out there, promising well priced cars, delivery etc but quite often the photos are lifted from someone else's ad and the car you're buying doesn't exist. At least buying local or getting a cheap Ryanair flight to the UK or Europe to go view it, you can see the car, inspect it, get a feel for the authenticity of the seller etc.

                  On the other hand, I'd love to fly to Sweden or Germany and buy a lovely, honest, roadworthy car and drive it home. That'd be a lovely adventure and it'd become part of your story with the car. Make a holiday out of it.
                  There are two types of people in this world: Those who can extrapolate from incomplete data.


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                    one other thing, you've set a healthy budget for your Beetle. Under no circumstances settle for a car with "a little surface rust" or "just a little bubbling under the paint" for your budget. That's what you settle for when you're buying a E3,000 Beetle and you get a few years out of it before it needs serious restoration. Beware shiny, recent paintjobs. Quite often they hide all sorts of sins. If you can find one, a Beetle in factory paint hides no sins.

                    and to protect your investment once you have it, try to keep it in a garage overnight and in the winter. If you're using it through the winter, try to wash the salt and mud off it as often as possible. If you look after it, it should appreciate over the next few years.
                    There are two types of people in this world: Those who can extrapolate from incomplete data.


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                      This information is invaluable - thank you all so very much.

                      I really like the look of the red beetle - the 1302. Do you think it would be worth my while going down to look at it if I could over the weekend? Obviously, it's at the very tip top of my budget, but I would be hoping for some negotiation there...

                      Of course, I also very much like the idea of an adventure to Sweden, I'm just not sure how practical that would be given the travel restrictions and just thinking about the logistics of it really makes me nervous...I would need to really be committed and assured of the sale before doing that. Though the examples are beautiful and it's tempting! Same goes for importing from somewhere outside the EU - as a first timer I don't think I'd have the confidence to try that just yet (maybe next time!)


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                        It would be no harm in taking a look and hopefully a drive too. Just don't hand any money over until you've had a second opinion.


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                          BTW I do travel down to wexford now and again, I'm due a trip down maybe next week. I'd be more than happy to view the car and give it a good look over.


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                            baz76 - that's a very decent offer from you, thank you. But I called the garage this morning and they said it's no longer for sale. Not that it was sold, but that it had been withdrawn. I managed to get a bit more info from the sales guy and it turns out it's his bosses car - Diamuid Boland - I think he said the name was and that he would let me know if anything changed.

                            So, the search goes on and this one is up since last night...let me know what you think



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                              That's Zippy. A well known and minded Beetle from this club. I don't know who owns it now but 2 different club members owned Zippy for a number of years and really looked after it, getting it repainted and carrying out lots of maintenance to ensure it was 100%
                              It was in a VW dealership's showroom in Thurles I believe for a number of years. It's definitely worth a look and unless something awful has happened to Zippy over the last few years I'd buy it over the phone.