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    Hi looking to see if anyone has a electronic ignition for sale Petronix or similar would be great if I could get distributor, correct coil and leads in one go thanks!

    1600 Twinport AS engine

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    I'd say Jon White at VWSpares would have everything you need.

    Be careful attaching the two wires for the electronic ignition module. You only get one chance and if you put them in the wrong place, POP! it's dead. No coming back from it either except to buy a new one.
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      Just want to give you some experience I have had with Pertronix 1, ran points on our 16 twinport splitscreen with no issues, then swapped to a Pertonix 1 module, I have to say I was really happy as there was a noticeable improvement on starting and running, however about 8 months after the fit I started to get intermittent running problems, felt like off on a cylinder or bad petrol, checked everything except the Pertonix 1 as the general feeling was it either worked or did not. Finally out at a car show on the way home the van stopped would not start and we had to take the ride of shame home with the AA the driver had checked everything and it was clear there was no spark. Got home and refitted the old dizzy with points van started and ran fine, put the Pertonix 1 back in and no spark so fault found. So ran points for a while and then picked up a new Pertonix Dizzy 1 fitted it and have been running it for the past 2 year no issue until this week, again had the van out and had a loss of power just managed to nurse her home I think on 2 cylinders. So rather than mess around swapped the dizzy back out to known good one with another Pertonix module and all good again. So whatís my feelings on electronic, maybe I have been unlucky but yes electronic can give intermittent issues rather than just stopping. I like electronic as the van did run better but Im now thinking of going back to points. I wonder if any one else has had similar issues with electric ignition. I did carry a preset points dizzy with me just incase. Failing electronic is a big hit money wise compaired to a set of points.


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        carrying a preset points distributor as a backup plan says it all really.

        the Pertronix is a lot of expense to go to just to save the once-in-a-while maintenance of adjusting the points gap and replacing points and condenser at service time.
        There are two types of people in this world: Those who can extrapolate from incomplete data.


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          I put a petronix in my bus a couple of years ago.
          dunno about reliability but runs great more low end grunt than points


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            Thanks for the input lads. Gonna run with the stock points and dizzy if and when I get the engine going. Iíll have a think and do a bit of research before I dive into getting it.


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              Have done about 40000 miles with a 1600 AD on a Petronix in a Bay Westy without issue from Sweden to Spain. With a spare distributor with stock points set
              and the clamp fitted in the spares box. It was ready to pop in and the timing was already set..But I never had any problems with points prior to going electronic.
              Probably the best mod I done was to take power direct from the battery to the coil using the the wire from ignition to switch the relay. It eliminated any voltage drop from ignition switch particularly when starting..
              Now that should add to the confusion


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                I have heard many people talk about the risk of electronic ignition modules failing, and I had one fail myself (compufire), but I still run them. I can't be dealing with points. Incidentally I had a set of points fail on me and leave me stuck before too! No amount of cleaning or sanding got them working again for some strange reason.

                Anyway, there is another option, and I used it to great effect on a 1978 MGB that I had a few years back, and that is the 123 electronic distributor. I've yet to hear of anyone having one fail, and it gives settable advance curves and an immobiliser! They are expensive but I'll be considering one for my beetle in the future.
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